Travelling is perhaps one of the most pleasant things; however, certain unforeseen events might occur during it.

You have the option of getting an immediate and necessary medical and other assistance from our Company’s partner Assistance company, in case of an occurrence of certain events during travel.

By obtaining a Travel insurance policy from SIL INSURANCE you shall be able to traveleasily and safely getting an immediate assistance anytime and at any country of the world.

We ensure the existence of a 24/7 and multilingual centre.


Insured person

An individual being under 70 at the moment of Policy signing, who permanently lives in RA.


Insurance object

Property interests of the Insured Person connected with receiving medical treatment, organization of repatriation and other services (including medical transportation services) during stay at the country/ies mentioned in the Policy and also connected with indemnity for expenses at occurrence of an insurance accident specified by the Policy.


Insurance events

The Insurance Event is the Insured person’s application to the Assistance Company (specialized service centers) as well as to the medical and other institutions for medical and other services in connection with sudden disease or accident while being in trip during the Policy effective period.


The following expenses are covered:

1. Medical expenses

2. Medical-transportation expenses

3. Remains repatriation expenses


Insurance rate

The range of Travel Insurance Rate is 0.01% - 6.46%.


Telephone 24 hour: +7 (495) 775-20-90

Conditions (from 04.07.2022)
Conditions (till 03.07.2022)

It is necessary to provide the following documents and details for signing a Travel insurance policy:

  • The passport of insured
  • The passport of insured person (if other than insured)
  • Contact details

Other documents and details are subject to provision upon Company's request.

What to do in case of an accident?
Условия (после 04.07.2022)
LAST UPDATE: 19.10.2022 15:05

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