There is a quite big possibility of occurrence of dangerous and unpredictable events during the cargo transportation. The cargo can be damaged, destroyed or disappear during transportation. Cargo insurance is designed specifically for the compensation of damages and losses occurred during land, railway, sea and air transportation.

Do not allow the external environmental hazards come close to you and destroy your cargo, insure it and continue your activity in calm and pleasant conditions.


Objects subject to insurance

  • Cargo
  • Cargo transportation expenses
  • Other expenses (for possible tolls, taxes and other similar expenses)


Cargo insurance is realized by the following 3 options:

  1. All-risk liability
  2. Specific accident liability
  3. Liability for total loss of the cargo


The liability under the insurance policy starts from the point when the cargo is taken from the warehouse of the delivery place and continues throughout the whole transportation period (including transshipment, as well as the storage of the cargo at the warehouses during the transshipments) up to the point when the cargo is delivered to the recipient’s warehouse or another final warehouse of destination that is mentioned in the policy.


In addition,

The insurance period set under the policy shall remain in force in case of delay, forced unloading and route deviation not by the Insured’s fault.



The range of Cargo Insurance Rate is 0.02% - 2.31%.


It is necessary to provide the following documents and details to get a Cargo Insurance:     

  • State registration certificate
  • Tax code
  • Bank account number
  • Contact details
  • Invoice of the cargo
  • Invoice provided from the transportation company, in case of insurance of transportation expenses

Other documents and details are subject to provision upon Company's request.

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