Corporate Management

Any fantastic strategy and organizational chart are not enough for the realization of the organization’s goals if a productive HR policy is not processed and applied.

“SIL INSURANCE” ICJSC continues to put the quality, the correct choice and placement of the personnel as the basis for its HR policy.

The potential of the personnel is being analyzed for the realization of the Company’s strategy. The level of the Company’s assurance with necessary number of specialists is being assessed. If necessary, certain measures are being developed for the staff training, participation in international insurance conferences and trainings and towards attraction of additional employees.


“SIL INSURANCE” ICJSC applies the following principles of the executive body managements:

  1. Principle of Justice, which provides an opportunity to objectively assess the results of the employees’ activities, which in its turn fosters the increase of productivity
  2. The formation of a favourable social-physiological atmosphere in the organization
  3. The compliance of individual benefits with the benefits of the Company
  4. The preservation of the system of values, traditions and norms formed within the Company
  5. Periodic salary increases
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In case of inquiries regarding the CMTPL calculator  please call us at (+37460) 54-00-00, or email at, or visit the Company’s office at 3 and 5 Aram St., Yerevan, RA.

You can get information on your current bonus-malus class online through CMTPL online surveys section located on Bureau’s website.

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