Construction is vital in any society. It is one of the ways of demonstrating the country's development. Irrespective of being a positive matter, construction is also related to the risk of certain losses. The building, equipment, people's property, and even life and health, can be damaged during the works. Nevertheless, this issue has a quite an easy and positive solution, which is the Construction Risk Insurance at "SIL INSURANCE" ICJSC.


Object subject to insurance

  • construction works
  • installations
  • construction site equipment
  • construction machinery
  • any property included in the construction works
  • objects belonging to the Insured or the client, located in the construction site or in its surrounding
  • territory cleaning costs
  • third party liability
  • life and health of the employees from personal accidents


Insurance risks

  • fire, lightening, explosion
  • impact/falling of flying objects or their parts
  • natural disasters: earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail, gale
  • collapse, landslide, soil residue
  • third party illegal acts, including theft, robbery, bandit attack
  • installation errors
  • any other sudden and unpredicted events set under the insurance policy in the construction site


Insurance Rate

You can contact (060) 54-00-00 or email us at to get acquainted with the Construction Risks Insurance Rates.


It is necessary to provide the following documents and details to get a Construction Risks Insurance:    

  • State registration certificate
  • Tax code
  • Bank account number
  • Contact details 

Other documents and details are subject to provision upon Company's request.

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